Make a Huge Statement with a Giant Gift Card

Gift cards are already awesome, but how impressive it could get if it's a giant one? Yes, a Giant Gift Card is possible, and you could get a monumental Giant Gift Card in as easy as 1, 2, 3 with!



No need to spend too much on the gift wrapping materials. Putting yourself in a state of exhaustion in swathing your gift with an intricate gift wrap isn’t necessary. Giving gift cards as a present is very classy and practical. Above all, it's the type of gift that allows you to achieve a ‘100% satisfaction guaranteed’ feeling from your recipient. Why? Well imagine your recipient purchasing whatever she likes using the gift card that you have just given. No more stressing yourself out if your friend likes your gift or not, or if your boss badmouths you about your tacky birthday present. You can sleep soundly at night feeling wonderful that you have actually made someone happy and ultimately pleased through your super intelligent way of gift-giving, and you can certainly somewhat celebrate thinking that you've saved a few dollars from the gift wrapping expenses – a gift wrap that initially surprises (or sometimes annoys them) and will be thrown away anyway.

But wait, there's more. What if you could increase their satisfaction and up their excitement by giving them a gift card - but a GIANT gift card at that? Imagine how they'd react for when you walk into their party carrying a humongous $50 or $100 gift card. Who wouldn't be elated with that experience?!


Now you can transform any gift card from any store into an enormous, Gift Card! You can also use a photo that you like and allow DryEraseChecks to convert it into the Giant Gift Card that you have in mind - like magic!


Regardless if you want to have your Giant Gift Card on a rigid foam board, or you want to receive it in a tube, one thing is certain - y'all will have an absolutely incredible time with your Giant Gift Card!


Make a statement! Be a remarkable human being who is also a head-turning, big-hearted gift-giver. Be popular not only with your generosity, but by making an impact in coming up with a Giant Gift Card – a gift that's oh so memorable - literally!


Visit this page to place your order: GIANT GIFT CARD

Get an Exceptional Giant Thermometer Goal Poster

If you've been searching for that excellent giant poster thermometer goal then you've definitely come to the right place! is an established name for brilliant items used for charity events, fundraising activities in your neighborhood, office or school, and other charitable causes, even parties, that offers a collection of giant poster thermometer goals to suit your event and taste!





When choosing a giant poster thermometer goal design, you just don't simply get a "basic" looking thermometer goal. Keep in mind that the look that you are leaning towards to must be fun, stunning and engaging, and also expresses that appeal of motivating everyone in your group to help each other in working together towards a goal! A thermometer poster that holds a beautiful and high-quality design will surely inspire people to trust your organization or organization's advocacy, making  them show their generosity even more - leading towards the achievement of your goals!

With DryEraseChecks, there’s just so many wonderful designs to choose from! From fun and cute, to simple, funny or thematic, there are plenty of ways to present your fundraising goals in a stylish and massively entertaining manner!

The best part of this Giant Poster Thermometer Goals is that you can be absolutely proud of it. That's because your order will be printed on our very own UNIQUE DRY ERASE media - no one else sells this!

And because we give importance to making you achieve a remarkable fundraising experience, we are including a set of colored dry-erase markers to fill your giant thermometer goal. Only goes to show how we love our customers!




Feel free to include your own photo or simply choose from one of our current designs. You will also have the option to include a logo or mount your giant thermometer goal to a rigid foam board for a more versatile and sturdy look.

Simply provide the title and subtitle of your goal, describe the numbers or how you want it to look on your giant thermometer goal, and indicate if you want to add a certain photo or logo. Provide your preferred size in inches and indicate* find synonym if you want it to be mounted on a foam board.


Don't settle for a cheap looking thermometer goal!
Get your fabulous Giant Poster Thermometer Goals by clicking this link!

Giant Checks and Big Checks for Families

For decades, DryEraseChecks has become an integral part in organizations' achievements and family celebrations. A big check is often used to represent the progress of fund raising or the totality of the gathered funds for charitable and donation purposes. Giant checks and big checks are a regular thing during charity activities and events too. Being one of the organizers, it is very much heartwarming to hold a giant check as it expresses the success of a certain goal. Generosity does give a certain kind of happiness and fulfillment, and it is actually what drives them to further their kindness and openhandedness even more. People who are the recipients of the amounts from these big checks are equally elated - the feeling of being uplifted and given importance is really something to be thankful for, and also gives them a sense of confidence and increases their faith in humanity.


Families also find using a giant check or a big check super fun! They often use it during birthday parties and important family events. Some family member who are super bighearted enough even make use of it when providing heartfelt support towards another family member. It is incredibly a great expression of love and care.



Speaking of family, DryEraseChecks has created a giant check that's perfect for the whole family. No need to feel as if you're not really holding a "big check" by using a teeny-weeny, annoyingly small check. And no need to feel overwhelmed in holding up a super huge, giant check that almost folds, getting all wobbly when being held and lifted up for some photo op. What a shame! The Giant Check 18" x 36" Medium Size Big Check is the excellent size for families and small group of friends. 1 to 3 people can hold it up and the design can be personalized with all the information that you want to appear on it. Best of all, there are no design fees and hidden charges, and you can have it decorated to your liking.



If you plan of using your Giant Check over and over again, then it's best to order the Dry Erase type. Our giant checks are super durable and made of high-quality material that's still guaranteed to be used beautifully for a very, very long time!


You don't need to settle for flimsy, substandard and unattractive big blank checks! With the big checks and giant checks from DryEraseChecks, you'd get stylish, sturdy, superior big checks - for LESS!


Giant Big Check for Families
See our collection here: DryEraseChecks Collection

Where to Use a Giant Check

We all know that the use of a giant check is simply one of the normal things that we are getting used to since we were young. We see magazines that include photos of people holding a giant check, while beaming in front of the camera. We spot giant checks being used on old and new films alike. Giant checks are a staple during charity events and fund-raising activities. It is a representation of how much money were collected, but more than that, it symbolizes the joint effort of individuals who were driven by their generosity and compassion to become a part of a project that's bound to provide a positive impact towards a certain advocacy.          



It's great to know that despite being in this digital age where the use of the Internet is perennial, many people still prefer to utilize the old school giant check for a cause. Perhaps it's already part of our tradition!


But did you know that you can certainly use a giant check for events such as birthday parties, weddings, holidays, and even as a gift?


Include a giant check on your birthday or that of your loved one's! Pledge that you're gonna treat your family or friends to a scrumptious dinner and have your "budget" posted on your giant check.


If you want to take your next holiday a notch higher, then you really need to have a giant check handy! Play a game among your family and relatives, and indicate the prize money on your giant check. If you and your family are planning for an expensive getaway, then a giant check is definitely an ideal item to show the total savings from all of that hardwork which all of you have inputted to make your dream vacation a reality.


Need a one-of-a-kind birthday, anniversary or wedding gift? Leave your recipient/s speechless while they receive your cash gift in the form of a giant check. Imagine handing it over to the newlyweds - you're surely going to be the talk of the town and the newly married couple won't ever forget you! Who knows? You’d become a mainstay in the upcoming celebrations!

If you decide of using your blank giant check over and over again, it is recommended that you get a Dry Erase Check.

Personalize your Blank Giant Check! Choose the best size for you here: DryEraseChecks Catalog


December 11, 2015

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Your Own Design?
To design your own Giant Check using your own software, and submit it to us for printing, check the "Blank Check" page and order using that. Ready-to-Print submissions can be sent to us using the regular file "upload" link.  JPG files are preferred, but almost any format can be processed.
Does your check include a Logo?  We can layer your logo to the background on your image; it's free. Please advise when placing your order.
Custom Designs?  We can design your check from scratch for you if you need, just give us a call.
Volume Orders?
Of course. No quantity is too large. Check with us at (email here) for pricing quotes. 
Unusual Sizes?
Email at (email here) for custom sizes. Prices will be near regular prices.
Weird Materials and Media? 
Giant checks can be printed more materials than you can imagine. Check with us for a quote.
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