10 Tips for a Successful Fundraising Activity or Charity Event



Nowadays, the expression of generosity and compassion is done in a multitude of ways but the use of the traditional, old school items are still a mainstay. Millenials and people both young and old attend charity and fundraising events to show their support. While it is indeed an amazing endeavor, it's not a simple task as making a sign, collecting money at the door, and thanking everyone for coming. In order to put on a worthwhile event, even small charity events need lots of careful, dedicated planning, and oftentimes a large investment of not just money and time. But this shouldn't keep you from doing a charity activity or a fundraising event. There are plenty of ways on how to hold a charity event or fundraising event in an affordable, budget-friendly way. A meaningful reward for your cause is surely in store for you from your efforts.

The holidays, especially Christmas time, is always a great time to throw a charity event for the cause you support. People are always more willing to dig deeper in their pockets and be in a giving mood during the holidays.

While many people still feel that charity events should be fancy parties and lavish galas, it is not always the case. These days, many groups and organizations hold an event in a variety of ways sans the expensive setup. Charities that need money can't spend what little money they have on grandiose expenses. A gathering to help a good cause can be a much greater success. You will create a lasting memory that will go way beyond a normal holiday event.

Here are tips to keep in mind if you're putting on a charitable event:

1. Let people know exactly why they should donate to your charity event. Share your cause or the organization/charity event that you support to your family, relatives and friends. Having a great fundraising event goes a long way toward bringing donations in but there are other aspects of advertising an event that should not be dismissed.

2. Proper advertising is not limited to newspapers ads and posting on social media. Try to help spread the word about your event in a unique way. Keep people interested in you cause and show them how they help you to help your charity succeed. Raising money for a good cause can be done through different social media platforms.

3. Create attractive pictures with a description of your cause and the fundraising event and post it on social media, send it via email or snail mail, or take it to your friends, big organizations or companies in person.

4. Remember to send out a press release before your fundraising event. Local media and social media sites like to cover fundraisers, especially around the holidays.

5. You can join a direct fundraising type of charity event which is more focused on raising money, getting volunteers, showing off the charity or cause, attracts more attention to the cause and acknowledges support which is crucial to show supporters. Every charity event or cause needs money. Personalize your needs and goals to achieve the event that you aim to have.

6. Don't forget to get permission to take pictures of clients and attendees participating in your charity events and post them on the charity's site and social media. A photo showing supporters holding a charity event giant check shows the amount gathered which is very motivating. It is also a great way to inspire others to share and also to show their kindness. 

7. Send the photos out in your newsletter and consider adding them to your other marketing materials.

8. Send follow-up press releases after your charity event with details of what happened, what your event achieved and include pictures.

9. Invite attendees to bring other folks in to help the charity, while also increasing charity exposure. You may also reach out to other charities that are in a similar field. Make strategic alliances, talk to people with influence, find business partners and associates, encourage them to bring in their clients, especially those that would ideally fit with the charity work.

10. Send out thank-you notes to everyone who attended. This is always a wonderful gesture. A handwritten thank-you card reminding each client or group who has shown support of what they did for the charity is always an appreciative idea. Informing them of the facts and specifics of the outcome of the charity will surely strengthen their joy of giving. You may include a picture of them at the event which will they truly treasure. If you want to send a gift to attendees with your thanks that complements this charity involvement, think about sending a picture of the group, possibly with the name and logo of the charity or an adorable memento. Include the year as this allows you to build a tradition. 


You need to make an impression when putting on an event that amazes them. They need to be talking about it for days. A photo with all the attendees holding a charity event giant check does not only create a visual impact but will also serve as an inspiration for others to give. You will see that by giving back people what they expect, you will actually achieve your goal in many ways. Also keep in mind that a well-coordinated event, a great program and a welcoming, friendly atmosphere is always an integral part of a meaningful fundraising event!

Make our giant checks and big checks a part of your successful event!  




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