Where Can I Buy a Big Blank Check?

Where Can I Buy a Big Blank Check?


Many people usually ask the question: “Where can I buy a giant check?” for awards, fund-raising and contest needs, but it's surprising to know that many people use giant checks for fun personal uses too, like birthday parties, anniversaries and other family celebrations. Giant checks and big checks are hot items these days!



Big checks and giant checks are still appreciated and valued in this time and age. Although we are delighted with the recognition and rewards given digitally, prizes and awards that are presented using a big blank check is more heartwarming, more memorable and definitely evokes a feeling of grandiosity. Admit it or not, no matter what the amount is reflected on a Giant Check, if we are awarded with one, we feel as if we have won millions of dollars in the lottery! Seeing our prize money or the donation from a generous organization on a big check allows us to feel important and happier, and the huge blank check handed to us in front of the cameras makes a typical awarding day monumental and unforgettable!


So if you are still asking yourself Where can I buy a big blank check? You can depend on DryEraseChecks. provides high quality, durable and waterproof big blank checks in different sizes to suit your various needs. From a charming Little Size Big Check that one person can hold up, to Small Size, Medium Size and Large Size Big Checks, up to a massive, banner-like Big Check which can be held up by 15 people (totally humongous!), you are guaranteed of first-rate Big Checks that can be excitingly personalized in so many different ways — at an affordable price.


You can choose between Blank or Printed, and there are 8 fun colors to choose from: Standard Beige, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, Magenta, Yellow and All White. Absolutely fun! We also build custom designs, as well as using your artwork or logos!



Among a sea of exciting prizing options, a giant check or a big blank check is a cut above the rest. Values like generosity, charity and appreciation are expressed through these classic items, which are still loved even in this present time.

A Huge Transformation with a Huge Check

Image Source: Linnaea Mallette via PublicDomainPictures.Net under the Public Domain licence.


Just when you thought that there's no room anymore for some awesomeness and fun for your party or get-together, along comes that astonishing ingredient that could transform your basic event into something marvelous - the quality Giant Checks from DryEraseChecks.Com!


Oftentimes, you do not need an elaborate setup or a complex arrangement for your gathering. Of course, intricate arrangements do impress us, but there are certainly other effective ways that are more straightforward, cost-effective yet equally fun in bringing out the best out of your party. Most people use an item as a highlight or a focal point for their party that is much more practical and economical. With how busy people could get these days, a single element that will surely embellish their event is a much more sensible option. And those who are leaning towards a fun and astounding occasion choose to incorporate the marvelous Giant Checks from DryEraseChecks.Com!


The premium quality Blank Giant Checks from DryEraseChecks.Com are admired for their exciting designs alongside the plenty of customization options to suit any event's theme and purpose. The thrill and excitement actually starts not at the time that you receive your Giant Check. The fun begins as you are about to choose the right Giant Check design and size for you, and from the instant that you are already personalizing it - you'll realize that having a Giant Gift Check for your get-together is not only amusing - customizing it is already one refreshing and exhilarating activity!


With the vibrant colours, various designs to choose from and different sizes that will surely fit your needs, you are all set in upgrading your party!


Worried that you might end up having a tacky celebration? Getting too overwhelmed already in finding the best element for your event? Stop stressing and start getting all delighted with the wonderful and super unique quality Giant Checks from DryEraseChecks.Com!


Pick the best size and design for you HERE.

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Big Checks are Here!

IMAGE COURTESY OF: photostock via FreeDigitalPhotos.Net
Innovation has never been this good! Introducing...
The DryEraseChecks big checks are here!


The look and feel of our website may be different now. Instead of keeping our old website which we have maintained for more than 10 years, we are now unveiling a more dynamic, and user-friendlier website to serve you even better. That's because we love you! Although the site has been improved, rest assured that we are still providing the same high-quality, and much-loved giant "winner" type checks that you, your parents, aunts and uncles have loved since 1999. Perhaps your mom, dad or granny has used one of the designs that we have been producing since the mid-1980's on one of your family parties. You could have spotted our giant checks in your community event or even on TV contests. We can never be prouder of our creations and in becoming a part of your life’s most significant milestones, and we can never be any happier to be known as the leading provider of big checks - big checks that are now made even better! More durable, and with the fantastic looks and designs that boast supremacy and uniqueness! Expect the distinct excellence only from the original provider of big checks and giant checks - the!

GOOD NEWS!!! Because we are very pleased and extremely grateful to our customers who have constantly patronized our products for almost three decades, and also want to thank you, yes you!, and all of our future customers in advance, we are offering our big checks, giant checks, and our super popular dry erase checks all for only 19.99! This is our heartfelt way of saying "Thank You!" to our regular patrons and "Hello!" to the new ones. Told 'ya, we do love 'ya! :)


Have fun personalizing, designing and picking from the exciting designs of our products! See our amazing collection here: DryEraseChecks Collection


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DryEraseChecks.Com… Always a part of your life’s best moments.

Have the Biggest Giant Checks in the World for Your Event!

Image Source: TheUjulala / 203 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain.


You may not know it but if you are serious enough in making an impression on your next party or upcoming celebration without actually having to put so much effort and not having to keep up with those exorbitant expenses then having a Giant Check in your function is guaranteed to fulfill that desire. Expect more people getting hooked and impressed by showcasing not only a typical Giant Check, but by presenting them with a Giant Check that may be considered as the biggest giant check in the world - the Over Sized Giant Check from!


Up the delight and action on your gathering, fundraising event or contest with the shocking size of the colossal Oversized Giant Check from Are you worried that your guests and participants will find your event dull and boring? Are you already holding your party a few days from now and you are already feeling so overwhelmed in preparing for it, that you just need that one element to instantly transform your mediocre event into something exciting, fun and marvelous? Are your time and budget limited for your affair and you are now looking for something to up the style and entertaining vibe of it sans the high costs? Don't worry! The Over Sized Giant Check is sure to please your guests, and even yourself!



The Huge Banner Size Giant Oversized Check is perfect for any activity, party needs, fundraising and charity events, for school and academic uses, and even for props. The most exciting feature of it is that it is big enough for 4 to 15 people to hold it - perfect for that photo op! Anyone who sees this enormous oversized check will surely be refreshed as if awakened, and adding this to your activity will certainly spice it up, amplifying the anticipation and making your event never monotonous nor tedious!


With its gigantic size of 40x180, the Huge Banner Size Giant Oversized Check is set to fascinate! Choose between a blank check or a printed check, or you can also have the option to customize it with a design that you have in mind, or you can even let DryEraseChecks design it for you. Either way, get ready for an incredible Oversized Check that's certain to leave a lasting impression among your guests!


For only $ 59.99, you will receive a high quality, waterproof and durable giant check so you can have a fully amazing experience presenting and receiving this Huge Banner Size Giant Oversized Check – the biggest giant check in the world!

Take Your Halloween Party a Notch Higher

Image Source: Tammy Sue via PublicDomainPictures under the  Public Domain license.

Halloween is just around the corner. It's just right to say that this time of the year overflows with creativity. Intricate Halloween setups and hot Halloween items are sure to put a smile or terror on people's faces. Costume parties are a sure hit. Classy, sexy and grisly are the themes that make us feel the genuine spirit of Halloween. It surely is the moment to loosen up, convey our creativity, momentarily forgetting all our daily worries!


If you wish to add a special twist to your Halloween party, the items from DryEraseChecks are set to allow you to add some personal touches to your Halloween event. You do not need to include some gory accents. The expensive decorative designs are not even necessary. You can surely incorporate the amazing items from DryEraseChecks to enhance the “alarming” factor on your party. A shock doesn't always connote a negative feeling. Surprising your family, friends or guests this Halloween will also serve its purpose. This is a great idea for both hardcore Halloween parties and laid-back Halloween events too where your grannies, aunties and uncles won't handle horrific scares that much.


These two items are bound to heighten the amusing feature, all while adding some extra shocking appeal to your Halloween gathering!


  1. Blank Giant Checks

Astound your family or friends this Halloween! Not because of something scary (as that's already redundant!), but something that will make them feel good. If you have prepared a gift for them, avoid all the hassles on gift-finding and just hand them a Blank Giant Check that indicates your cash gift for them. I'm sure that this Halloween treat is something that they will remember for so long!


Prank your mom and dad with a Blank Giant Check! Pretend that you have used their credit card to give a whopping $2000 USD donation or gift to a relative. Present the DryEraseChecks Blank Giant Check with the dollar amount, and announce that your family would be happy to pledge the said amount, emphasizing that you thank your parents for their generosity, and you and your siblings are happy that they allowed their credit card to be used for the said donation. This will leave your mom and dad dumbfounded, that's a promise! See? There's so many classy ways to shock and scare your loved ones! But be sure to divulge the truth afterwards so they'd enjoy the party and not to get super stressed! :)


  1. Halloween-Themed Giant Crossword Puzzles

Looking for other ways to enjoy your Halloween celebration? You will for sure with the Halloween-themed Giant Crossword Puzzles! These Giant Crossword Puzzles are about 40 inches wide by 80 inches tall and are set to impress your guests! You can reuse these super entertaining crossword puzzles over and over again if you choose to have them printed on Dry Erase. Just submit your clues and answers, alongside any other instructions and you're all set for the Halloween party of a lifetime!


Be loved this Halloween and beyond! Show them how brilliant you are and what genuine fun is all about and get these Halloween items now!

Summer Giant Check Prankin’

Image Source: Petr Kratochvil  via PublicDomainPhotos under the Public Domain license.


Carry out the remainder of your summer by pulling off a prank like no other! Accomplish the funniest gag with the help of the Giant Checks  and Big Checks from DryEraseChecks!


Who says that giant checks and big checks are only ought to be used and enjoyed on charity events, fundraising activities, raffles, contests and the like? Times have changed and our creativity are not only limited to the old school ways! Admit it, we feel a certain type of glee and excitement whenever we see those giant checks. We subconsciously yearn to actually receive a giant check - who doesn't want cash anyway? This summer, surprise your family, friends or your prank victims with a Giant Check that will make them enjoy the said kind of ecstatic feeling of receiving or winning a Giant Check!


There are plenty of ways to utilize a Giant Check for your next summer prank. Try thinking of the occasions where you could incorporate your Giant Check. Plan carefully as to whom to harmlessly victimize for your gag. Organize your pranking escapade in the easiest way possible with the Giant Checks from DryEraseChecks!


If you have a totally good news for your parents, why not post it up on a Giant Check and surprise them big time? Or prank your sibs that they have recently won at a local raffle, and put the amount of $10.00 on the Giant Check! Take it to the next level and put $1,000,000 on the Giant Check and post it on your social media page - without any caption - and discover who your real friends are, and who are actually the "user"-friendly ones. Pull off the most outrageous prank towards your annoying neighbor and teach him a lesson! Send a Giant Check to him secretly and let him enjoy his triumph of winning a million dollars - momentarily! Got an offending coworker? Why not ask someone to deliver a Giant Check to him, amounting to $1.00 - he'll get confused thinking as to whom and where did it come from! What a crazy way to make someone realize that it's about time to end their being a pain in the a*s and start becoming nice to others, especially at the workplace!


There are so many available sizes and designs to choose from that selecting the best Giant Check for your pranking scheme is already very exciting! From classic to modern, from feminine to fun, from masculine to cute, you'd certainly enjoy choosing from the thrilling designs and in personalizing your Giant Check from DryEraseChecks, you may even get one for yourself coz it's just so adorable, or perhaps end up ordering another one to give to your parents' wedding anniversary as a gift, or something! They will surely appreciate it no matter what amount you and your sibs decide to give them. They'll love it anyway!


Choose the best style for you and start making memories that you, your loved ones and pranking victims won't forget for the rest of their lives! :)


See the different designs of our high-quality Big Checks  and Giant Checks and personalize them here: DryEraseChecks Collection

Teach Your Kids How to Save Money the Fun Way

Image Source:  fantasista via FreeDIgitalPhotos.Net


Financial literacy is truly important among adults, and the same way goes to children. The need to educate the young to save these days is very important, as they are bound to learn plenty of virtues from saving itself. They will not become knowledgeable in financial literacy alone, but the money lessons will also teach them the value of discipline, patience and self-control. Once the habit of money saving is established in them, they will be able to grow up carrying the said attributes, which will then lead them towards becoming more successful in life.


As a parent, if you work on teaching your kids the value of saving and spending wisely, you do not only give them the opportunity to practice good money habits, but while they are in their journey towards financial literacy at a young age, they are able to look at money and material things differently. Most children who practice good saving and spending habits learn to express hard work - they control themselves from spending too much on toys or other stuff and prefer to save up for a bigger purchase or for what they really want. This teaches them to focus on what they genuinely want, and not to be distracted by the temporary joys brought about by material things and other petty purchases. It also allows them to learn the value of preparedness. They become confident knowing that they have savings. They gain a sense of self assurance that they are protected if there's an emergency. Financial literacy also helps them to be less materialistic and tend to find some other, non-monetary and non-material ways on how to be blissful!


Image Source: Linnaea Mallette via PublicDomainPictures.Net under the Public Domain license.


So you may ask yourself how you are going to train them successfully? There are actually lots of ways on how to teach your kids the importance of saving and the value of good spending habits. Although verbally reminding them helps, it would be a good idea if they do it the fun way. Maximize their learning by offering them enjoyable options to save. The love for saving starts when they have fun experiencing it.   


Pretty coin banks and colorful mason jars will surely push them to save, but it appears that kids get more inspired to save up when they get to have an idea of the amount that they have accumulated. The Giant Poster Thermometer Goals from DryEraseChecks has become a favorite tool among parents and families in promoting wise saving and spending habits among their children!



There are so many styles that your kids will surely enjoy for their Giant Poster Thermometer Goals . Ask your kids which design that they prefer! Put the title and subtitle of your goal, provide the size as well as some other additional instructions on how you want your kids' Giant Poster Thermometer Goals to look, and also indicate if you want your thermometer goal to be mounted on a foam board.


So what are you waiting for?
Order these Giant Poster Thermometer Goals and start raising financial savvy kids now!      




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