Summer Giant Check Prankin’

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Carry out the remainder of your summer by pulling off a prank like no other! Accomplish the funniest gag with the help of the Giant Checks  and Big Checks from DryEraseChecks!


Who says that giant checks and big checks are only ought to be used and enjoyed on charity events, fundraising activities, raffles, contests and the like? Times have changed and our creativity are not only limited to the old school ways! Admit it, we feel a certain type of glee and excitement whenever we see those giant checks. We subconsciously yearn to actually receive a giant check - who doesn't want cash anyway? This summer, surprise your family, friends or your prank victims with a Giant Check that will make them enjoy the said kind of ecstatic feeling of receiving or winning a Giant Check!


There are plenty of ways to utilize a Giant Check for your next summer prank. Try thinking of the occasions where you could incorporate your Giant Check. Plan carefully as to whom to harmlessly victimize for your gag. Organize your pranking escapade in the easiest way possible with the Giant Checks from DryEraseChecks!


If you have a totally good news for your parents, why not post it up on a Giant Check and surprise them big time? Or prank your sibs that they have recently won at a local raffle, and put the amount of $10.00 on the Giant Check! Take it to the next level and put $1,000,000 on the Giant Check and post it on your social media page - without any caption - and discover who your real friends are, and who are actually the "user"-friendly ones. Pull off the most outrageous prank towards your annoying neighbor and teach him a lesson! Send a Giant Check to him secretly and let him enjoy his triumph of winning a million dollars - momentarily! Got an offending coworker? Why not ask someone to deliver a Giant Check to him, amounting to $1.00 - he'll get confused thinking as to whom and where did it come from! What a crazy way to make someone realize that it's about time to end their being a pain in the a*s and start becoming nice to others, especially at the workplace!


There are so many available sizes and designs to choose from that selecting the best Giant Check for your pranking scheme is already very exciting! From classic to modern, from feminine to fun, from masculine to cute, you'd certainly enjoy choosing from the thrilling designs and in personalizing your Giant Check from DryEraseChecks, you may even get one for yourself coz it's just so adorable, or perhaps end up ordering another one to give to your parents' wedding anniversary as a gift, or something! They will surely appreciate it no matter what amount you and your sibs decide to give them. They'll love it anyway!


Choose the best style for you and start making memories that you, your loved ones and pranking victims won't forget for the rest of their lives! :)


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Funny Giant Check Pranks

A Giant Check Prank is guaranteed to make a typical day more fun. It will transform an event with a different kind of unforgetable-ness. Remember that an ounce of hilarity and a dash of craziness  is often needed to live your life happily, boosting the “wow” factor of any celebration! Check out these funny Giant Check Pranks for the next weekend, gathering, vacation or event!


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  1. Family Giant Check Prank

Prank your mom with a Giant Check that holds a $2000-dollar credit for some butt and breast implants, courtesy of the Kardashians! What a donation!


  1. Office or Retirement Party Giant Check Prank

Have a colleague who's about to retire? During his last day at work or his retirement party, hand a Giant Check over to him - with $500 credits to be used for a strip club, night club or whatever naughty and shocking place that you can think of!  This prank will definitely leave them shocked, but the laughter among your colleagues and the other guests is definitely exhilarating after!


      3. Holiday Giant Check Prank

Are you going to surprise your kids with a holiday prank? Pull off a prank towards them that you've just won a huge amount of cash for a grand vacation - to a silent meditation camp! So no talking for 10 days! See what your kids' reaction will be. Then break the news that you and your spouse were just joking, and that you're really off to the beach, a park or some kind of a getaway anyway! Your kids will love you more for being a super cool and fun-loving parents! 


  1. Wedding Giant Check Prank

Surprise a couple with your actual gift, alongside the gift of pranking - a supplementary Giant Check with a $5 dollar amount, LOL! It will make everone cringe - so fun! But they'll soon realize that it was just a joke, and it will brighten up the reception, making the wedding even more memorable and certainly extraordinary!


     5. Birthday Giant Check Prank

A Giant Check Prank is a great add-on to your existing gift for your sibling or friend! Already got that DVD or poster that your brother has been requesting from you ever since? Why not hand him a $1000 dollar Giant Check? You will shock him, that's for sure!





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