Why a Giant Check is Better than Traditional Gifts


It's true; we sometimes just couldn't help but to feel overwhelmed and stressed when we try to search for the perfect gift to give. Regardless if the celebrant is your significant other, a family member, a friend, your boss or a colleague, we obviously can't help but to at least try to find a fantastic present to give them. If we are in a hurry or due to the demands of time, we initially want to simply give a gift - but the moment we are in the process of 'searching' for a gift, we tend to feel that we should give something that will make the celebrant happy and which is also something that gives us a refreshing feeling.


So to solve this issue, DryEraseChecks.Com is here to provide the most brilliant way to make both the giver and the receiver truly happy!


Our products are fascinating to suit every taste and personality. Our items are 'universal' enough to make every type of person happy. Our collection can offer you something that you cannot just simply buy from a nearby mall or store, something that you cannot just craft on your own to come up with something with a look that is professional, tasteful and useful.

Our Giant Checks are much better than the traditional gifts. A Personalized Big Check or a Personalized Giant Check is a great way to present your cash gift. It will also give the celebrant the opportunity to purchase something that he or she really likes. Isn't that awesome?


If you want to be remembered for creating a lasting impression through your gift, why not hand the celebrant the impressive Giant Gift Card? You won't only surprise the celebrant, you're able to astound the guests - everyone - with your exceptional gift!


For kids, instill saving and financial literacy in them by encouraging them to save! For your kids, nephews, nieces and godchildren, why not give them the Giant Poster Thermometer Goals? Seeing the increasing amount of money provides a motivating feeling in them, which is also great to teach them patience and hard work.


So what are you waiting for? Plan for an exciting gift that's out of the ordinary. Pick a Giant Check as your next gift, from DryEraseChecks.Com!



Father's Day Gifts

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We have celebrated Father's Day just a few days ago! We are definitely sure that most of you spent Father's Day on June 19th in a truly wonderful way. For those who have missed spending it with their dads, maybe due to work commitments or any other reason, you can still certainly make him smile even the Father's Day is over. Make any day a Father's Day and show him your love anytime, anywhere with a fantastic and extraordinary Father’s Day Gift!


If you were not able to give a Father's Day gift to a sibling, uncle, friend or a boss, and you plan to give them a Father's Day present, it's very unlikely that they will not appreciate your thoughtful gesture when you hand them a special gift that comes straight from the heart! It will surely brighten up their day and is set to provide an exhilarating experience for you. There's always that kind of elation felt whenever we are able to give something to someone, and know in our hearts that we have just made someone happy with our simple ways.



Demonstrate your love to your dad on a typical, lazy weekday and increase his happiness! Give him a Giant Gift Card and let him splurge at the nearby mall or pamper himself at his favorite store all day! A Giant Gift Card will also give him the opportunity to buy that equipment that he's been saving up for, or an item that he has been wanting to buy ever since.                          

Surprise the special man in your life with our Poster-Size Gift Cards which are guaranteed to impress him and will make a usual day a truly unforgettable moment in his life!     




Simply send the details on what you want your Giant Gift card to look like, or send a photo, and DryEraseChecks will print it on a huge poster which will surely amaze him BIG time!


Bring so much joy into an ordinary day with an amazing Father’s Day Gift! Hand him the Giant Gift Card from DryEraseChecks and add a hugely immense happiness into his life!


Make a Huge Statement with a Giant Gift Card

Gift cards are already awesome, but how impressive it could get if it's a giant one? Yes, a Giant Gift Card is possible, and you could get a monumental Giant Gift Card in as easy as 1, 2, 3 with!



No need to spend too much on the gift wrapping materials. Putting yourself in a state of exhaustion in swathing your gift with an intricate gift wrap isn’t necessary. Giving gift cards as a present is very classy and practical. Above all, it's the type of gift that allows you to achieve a ‘100% satisfaction guaranteed’ feeling from your recipient. Why? Well imagine your recipient purchasing whatever she likes using the gift card that you have just given. No more stressing yourself out if your friend likes your gift or not, or if your boss badmouths you about your tacky birthday present. You can sleep soundly at night feeling wonderful that you have actually made someone happy and ultimately pleased through your super intelligent way of gift-giving, and you can certainly somewhat celebrate thinking that you've saved a few dollars from the gift wrapping expenses – a gift wrap that initially surprises (or sometimes annoys them) and will be thrown away anyway.

But wait, there's more. What if you could increase their satisfaction and up their excitement by giving them a gift card - but a GIANT gift card at that? Imagine how they'd react for when you walk into their party carrying a humongous $50 or $100 gift card. Who wouldn't be elated with that experience?!


Now you can transform any gift card from any store into an enormous, Gift Card! You can also use a photo that you like and allow DryEraseChecks to convert it into the Giant Gift Card that you have in mind - like magic!


Regardless if you want to have your Giant Gift Card on a rigid foam board, or you want to receive it in a tube, one thing is certain - y'all will have an absolutely incredible time with your Giant Gift Card!


Make a statement! Be a remarkable human being who is also a head-turning, big-hearted gift-giver. Be popular not only with your generosity, but by making an impact in coming up with a Giant Gift Card – a gift that's oh so memorable - literally!


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