November 19, 2015

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Step One

Decide on your Giant Check size.

Step Two

Decide if you would like a BLANK Giant Check or one that is PRINTED with all your info.

Blank Giant Checks

Step Three

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Your Big Giant Check order is on the Way!!!

Same Day Shipping 

When your check is submitted and approved before 2pm Pacific Standard Time (5PM eastern) we will ship that day (excluding holidays and Sundays). Be sure to choose the appropriate shipping method to make sure that your check arrives on time. Consult the Ground Shipping Map for shipping times.

Select an Appropriate Size Check
Consider the distance from the check to your camera-person. When one individual is presenting a check to another, consider 18"x36" Big Check Size. Place the photographer roughly three meters (8-12 feet) from the presentation. A 22"x48" Large Check Size might be more appropriate for a small group. A larger group of 6-10 people to be included in a photograph or video promo might require a 30"x60" Giant Check Size. Auditoriums and similar settings and environments require the biggest check size. Our standard 42x90 a good selection for longer distances and larger groups.


Dry Erase or Not?

Our Dry Erase style was pioneered by us in 2000. It can be used and reused hundreds (or millions?) of times, using the proper dry-erase pens and markers (yes we sell the proper types). Your design is printed directly onto a special dry-erase glossy media which is very luxurious. We do not laminate like our copy cat competitors. We use ACTUAL DRY ERASE MEDIA. Our Dry Erase Giant Checks and Dry Erase Big Checks can also be back lit for a special effect. Dry-Erase media can exhibit stunning effects if you choose that option.

Create a Custom Background for Your Giant Check!

This is an option if none of our pre made designs will fit your need. We can use your photos to make a design or you can make your own design!

Photographing Your Event!

Be sure to provide strong, even lighting facing the “subject”, and avoid potential glares on glossy surfaces by moving the lighting until no glare is seen in the viewfinder. Charitable events can often garner the attention of local media, who may cover your event with professional, skilled photographers who are often happy to provide you a digital copy of their photography. Just ask your local media, and include your giant award check in your presentation!

We Love Our Customers!

We would love to see your event! Send us a couple photos and you will get a discount on your next order!
Iris N
Iris N