The Cutest Big Check Ever

Grab our cutest, most adorable and definitely the most versatile Big Check, Giant Check that we offer! Our 8x16 Giant Check is ultimately popular for its very special and practical size. You can actually present it on your own or have a companion hold this charming Giant Check together. Truly handy!


If a high-quality Giant Check is what you are actually looking for, look no further – the giant checks and big checks from DryEraseChecks.Com are set to impress! You can surely see and feel for yourself how top-quality our big checks and giant checks are. While presenting our fantastic Giant Checks, you can already see how sturdy it is. You'll feel confident knowing that you are holding an superb Giant Check that's made with topnotch materials. You could also design this Giant Check according to your preferences or allow us to design it for you. Whichever option you prefer, you're bound to have a extraordinary experience of giving joy with the use of this dazzling Giant Check from DryEraseChecks. Oh, and are you having your presentation outdoors? Worried that some sudden outpours of rain may damage your Giant Check? Don't worry! The Giant Checks from DryEraseChecks are waterproof! 




Customizing your Giant Check is so easy! Just provide the content - the Name and Address, the Date on Check, Check Number, Check Number Identifier, Who is the Check to, the Amount of Check, Bank Name, For, Routing and Account Number, among others, before choosing the design and board type. It's so easy to personalize it the way you want it, guaranteeing you that DryEraseChecks will help you tailor suit the perfect look for your Giant Check!

 (See this for more customization options: Customize Your Giant Check


The Big Checks and Giant Checks from DryEraseChecks are perfect for:

- fund raising events

- photo ops

- giveaways

- contest prizes

- awards

- donations

- pledges

- gifts

- pranks

- motivation

- display purposes

and many more!




You can have your Giant Checks or Big Checks on a multiple Rigid Foam Board upon ordering, or we you can just simply roll your order up and send it you in a tube – whichever is most convenient for you.

Indeed, our 8x16 Little Size Big Check, Giant Check may be our smallest Giant check, but it will surely reflect how big your heart is, tthat overflows with generosity. This delightful Big Check will without a doubt transform your event in a massive way, making it more unforgettable and totally fun for everyone!


Make your next event a kickass one!
Get this easy-to-carry, yet intensely dainty Giant Check now!


Iris N
Iris N