The Best Giant Checks and Big Checks


So you think a giant check or big check is a thing of the past? Well, think again. After you delve into your childhood memories, the unforgettable events held at your neighborhood, and all the charitable efforts and programs held on TV that involves a giant check, you get the opportunity to appreciate the significance of a giant check and big check in our lives. You will soon realize that a giant check has become instrumental in cementing the values of generosity within families and businesses thru fundraising events and other altruistic activities.


But the best thing about using giant checks and big checks in the digital age that we are in is that we do not have to settle for the old, boring or nasty-looking giant checks and big checks. Now more than ever, we can enjoy a giant check or big check that screams fun and excitement!


Present a giant check as a donation, award or prize in the most stylish way! Get a personalized giant check from easily by choosing from lots of giant check and big check styles. Select your most favorite color to add some flavor to your personalized giant check. You get the opportunity to pick a color to match your organization or company's theme. If there is a color that expresses a significance to you or your group, then it is easy to have a colored giant check or colored big check right away! has been providing remarkable, tasteful, and high-quality giant checks and big checks for many decades and now, everyone gets to enjoy both timeless, modern and fun personalized giant checks and big checks for those who have discriminating tastes and for the fun-loving people who are always ready to express their being generous and bighearted.


And yet another amazing part of getting a personalized giant check and big check from DryEraseChecks? Well, there are so many sizes to choose from! Whether you need 1 person, 2 persons, 3 persons, 4 persons or even 15 persons to hold your giant check when you present it, there's gotta be the perfect giant check size for you!


Have an unforgettable and super engaging fundraising, celebration or activity with a giant check and big check from! Personalize one, now!


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Summer Giant Check Prankin’

Image Source: Petr Kratochvil  via PublicDomainPhotos under the Public Domain license.


Carry out the remainder of your summer by pulling off a prank like no other! Accomplish the funniest gag with the help of the Giant Checks  and Big Checks from DryEraseChecks!


Who says that giant checks and big checks are only ought to be used and enjoyed on charity events, fundraising activities, raffles, contests and the like? Times have changed and our creativity are not only limited to the old school ways! Admit it, we feel a certain type of glee and excitement whenever we see those giant checks. We subconsciously yearn to actually receive a giant check - who doesn't want cash anyway? This summer, surprise your family, friends or your prank victims with a Giant Check that will make them enjoy the said kind of ecstatic feeling of receiving or winning a Giant Check!


There are plenty of ways to utilize a Giant Check for your next summer prank. Try thinking of the occasions where you could incorporate your Giant Check. Plan carefully as to whom to harmlessly victimize for your gag. Organize your pranking escapade in the easiest way possible with the Giant Checks from DryEraseChecks!


If you have a totally good news for your parents, why not post it up on a Giant Check and surprise them big time? Or prank your sibs that they have recently won at a local raffle, and put the amount of $10.00 on the Giant Check! Take it to the next level and put $1,000,000 on the Giant Check and post it on your social media page - without any caption - and discover who your real friends are, and who are actually the "user"-friendly ones. Pull off the most outrageous prank towards your annoying neighbor and teach him a lesson! Send a Giant Check to him secretly and let him enjoy his triumph of winning a million dollars - momentarily! Got an offending coworker? Why not ask someone to deliver a Giant Check to him, amounting to $1.00 - he'll get confused thinking as to whom and where did it come from! What a crazy way to make someone realize that it's about time to end their being a pain in the a*s and start becoming nice to others, especially at the workplace!


There are so many available sizes and designs to choose from that selecting the best Giant Check for your pranking scheme is already very exciting! From classic to modern, from feminine to fun, from masculine to cute, you'd certainly enjoy choosing from the thrilling designs and in personalizing your Giant Check from DryEraseChecks, you may even get one for yourself coz it's just so adorable, or perhaps end up ordering another one to give to your parents' wedding anniversary as a gift, or something! They will surely appreciate it no matter what amount you and your sibs decide to give them. They'll love it anyway!


Choose the best style for you and start making memories that you, your loved ones and pranking victims won't forget for the rest of their lives! :)


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Unexpected Ways Giant Checks Can Make Your Life Even Better


Image Source:  imagerymajestic via FreeDigitalPhotos


Although, Do-It-Yourself items are getting popular these days, most people still prefer to order a customized item of their choice for any project that they are a part of. Mainly because while expressing our artistic flair is very good, we are in a generation where we are immersed in a superfluity of activities - multiple jobs, a manifold of interests and several errands to accomplish where we feel as if we are becoming superhuman in our own way, multi-tasking here and there and beating the deadlines are becoming a normal part of our daily lives. Indeed, we are in an era that the cliché adages like "Time is of the essence" and "Time is gold." eventually become the things that we subconsciously value and use all the time!


Speaking of personalized items, the Giant Checks from DryEraseChecks are just one of the most interesting and totally exciting customizable items that you will surely love! Whether you intend to use our Giant Checks for a charity or fundraising event, aiming to increase awareness or up your funds; for presentations, decorative purposes or any other personal use, expect that the process from choosing, designing, and placing your order up to how you receive your astonishing Giant Checks and Big Checks will be super straightforward and seamless!




Decorate your home and office! With so many styles, sizes and designs to choose from, picking the best one to beautify your wall will without doubt make it look oh so perfect!


Use a Giant Check as a motivation for yourself or something that would reinforce your colleagues in hitting a target amount for your next team building or office outing.


Our Giant Checks are excellent for hosting charity events, fund-raising activities and any other programs that your family, organization or company will be organizing. With the clarity, vibrancy and attractiveness of our wordings and deigns, it is definitely faultless for photo shoots and other presentations. If you have plans of reusing your impressive Giant Checks over and over again, then order a Dry Erase Giant Check.


Want to be unique, and become the most popular gift giver? Become a favorite! Hand a Giant Check to a birthday celebrant or to the newlyweds and see how they will beam with delight upon receiving a gigantic Big Check from you as a gift.    


Make your occasion or event even more stylish and presentable with the first-rate, Giant Checks from DryEraseChecks!

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The Cutest Big Check Ever

Grab our cutest, most adorable and definitely the most versatile Big Check, Giant Check that we offer! Our 8x16 Giant Check is ultimately popular for its very special and practical size. You can actually present it on your own or have a companion hold this charming Giant Check together. Truly handy!


If a high-quality Giant Check is what you are actually looking for, look no further – the giant checks and big checks from DryEraseChecks.Com are set to impress! You can surely see and feel for yourself how top-quality our big checks and giant checks are. While presenting our fantastic Giant Checks, you can already see how sturdy it is. You'll feel confident knowing that you are holding an superb Giant Check that's made with topnotch materials. You could also design this Giant Check according to your preferences or allow us to design it for you. Whichever option you prefer, you're bound to have a extraordinary experience of giving joy with the use of this dazzling Giant Check from DryEraseChecks. Oh, and are you having your presentation outdoors? Worried that some sudden outpours of rain may damage your Giant Check? Don't worry! The Giant Checks from DryEraseChecks are waterproof! 




Customizing your Giant Check is so easy! Just provide the content - the Name and Address, the Date on Check, Check Number, Check Number Identifier, Who is the Check to, the Amount of Check, Bank Name, For, Routing and Account Number, among others, before choosing the design and board type. It's so easy to personalize it the way you want it, guaranteeing you that DryEraseChecks will help you tailor suit the perfect look for your Giant Check!

 (See this for more customization options: Customize Your Giant Check


The Big Checks and Giant Checks from DryEraseChecks are perfect for:

- fund raising events

- photo ops

- giveaways

- contest prizes

- awards

- donations

- pledges

- gifts

- pranks

- motivation

- display purposes

and many more!




You can have your Giant Checks or Big Checks on a multiple Rigid Foam Board upon ordering, or we you can just simply roll your order up and send it you in a tube – whichever is most convenient for you.

Indeed, our 8x16 Little Size Big Check, Giant Check may be our smallest Giant check, but it will surely reflect how big your heart is, tthat overflows with generosity. This delightful Big Check will without a doubt transform your event in a massive way, making it more unforgettable and totally fun for everyone!


Make your next event a kickass one!
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